Welcome to Art Hotel Santorini

Art Hotel is a gem of Santorini, where Art is celebrated and where our guests can socialise and experience pure luxury and comfort.
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Elegance & Style

Art Hotel has elegant minimalistic all-white suites highlighting the artworks within each room. At the hotel you will also find a reception that is available 24 hours a day.
As for the children? You are most encouraged to leave them back home for a few days and feel the carefree breeze of Santorini with nothing getting in the way!

Unique Experience

The elegant buildings stretch round the refreshing central swimming pool, promoting a private environment where the guests can mingle and get to know one another in the most wonderful atmosphere while on vacations. Socialising is part of the decor and those who are interested in meeting new and fascinating people are going to love Art Hotel.
Relax & Enjoy