Aqua Gallery

Founded in 2017 Aqua Gallery is dedicated to the promotion of local and international contemporary artists. Aqua caters to the tastes and trends of the sophisticated Greek art scene providing a dynamic space for artists to present their work.

The vision of Aqua Gallery

The vision is to gain credible international reputation among collectors, art institutions and critics, and to be the perfect example of Greece's contribution to contemporary art. The status of Aqua Gallery and its artists shifts from talented and promising towards more well-known and established. A mix of undiscovered young talent and bigger names keeps the exhibition program fresh and interesting. In addition to hosting a series of diverse and regular highly acclaimed exhibitions.
Nestled in the hotel's lobby, Aqua Gallery offers a unique and enchanting experience for both guests and art enthusiasts alike.

Beyond mere aesthetics, Aqua Gallery transcends the traditional boundaries of a hotel lobby. It serves as a dynamic space where art becomes an integral part of the check-in process. As you step into the gallery, you'll find yourself surrounded by a diverse collection of paintings, each one telling a story and evoking emotions.

Guests indulge to the exhibition as they walk to their suites through the main corridor of the Gallery. Aqua Gallery hosts a different thematic exhibition every year that lasts throughout the season and it is open to the public, not only to the Hotel's residents.

Bronze Award 2018

ART hotel is proud to have received the Bronze award for Aqua Gallery in the cultural tourism category at the 2018’s Tourism Awards.