The hotel comprises 10 suites, 4 of which come with their very own private and heated Plunge pools. Two suites boast their inviting Outdoor Heated Jacuzzi, while 2 other suites have got double bedrooms. There is also a maisonette and a simple suite with a mesmerizing view 360°. There is a wide range of different types of accommodation for guests to have their pick from; whether you choose the most affordable ''Evangeline's Maisonette'' or the ''Absolute Suite'' with its private plunge pool, you will find style and elegance embraced with passion. There are large suites of two bedrooms ideal for parties or couples of all kinds, since everyone is welcome at Art Hotel.
Open Loft - Pool View Suite
Pool view suite-partial panoramic view to Aegean Sea!
A fabulous option for companies or friends!
The perfect option for 4 guests with well sized verandas.
Fall in love with Naughty's bathroom.
Bird's Eye Suite offers an astonishing view.
Nest Suite is ideal for those who are interested in outdoor living.
Smart & Bold Suite highlights its modern, hip character.
Get into summer mood and relish all the deluxe facilities.
Absolute Suite is simply the very best suite of Art Hotel.