About us

Aqua Gallery

Founded in 2017 Aqua Gallery is dedicated to the promotion of local and international contemporary artists. Aqua caters to the tastes and trends of the sophisticated Greek art scene providing a dynamic space for artists to present their work.
For its third year of operation, AQUA GALLERY is focused in exchanging information on culture and art with the international visitors that choose Art Hotel for their residency at the unique island of Santorini.

The gallery presents a selection of Greek artists, chosen for their artistic statement, the originality and the quality of their artworks. These artists are representative of the current artistic trend, well known in their respective disciplines for their creativity and their contribution to the world of visual art.

We believe that Art is made to be shared and in collaboration with Restart Contemporary Art Platform, we present the artworks of more than 90 artists- trough the tree collective exhibitions of our Cultural Tourism Program each season.

We want our visitors to experience the emotional power of Art and give them the possibility to spend every day with artworks that affect them.Art that awakens their imagination, transforms their homes and expresses who they really are.

At AQUA GALLERY we’re building a world that supports creativity. We highly appreciate the trust of the artists who have expressed the desire to work with us, by giving them extra visibility to a multi- ethnic audience that stays in Art Hotel and values authentic, handmade works of art.
Restart – a formal institution organising significant cultural events, curates our exhibition program and proposes investable artists, worth exhibiting and/or collecting.

Aqua Gallery and Restart, share a common motivation and vision: to help international audience discover Greek Contemporary Art and offer advisory service for those who would like personalised advice throughout their buying process.

It is the third year we do that with commitment, enthusiasm and mission spirit and we have been awarded for our contribution to Cultural Tourism.

There is a concern to maintain an open channel among independent artists and our highly sophisticated audience who has a deep understanding of visual culture's function within and beyond the walls of the gallery.

We wish you have a pleasant stay and embrace our efforts and aesthetic approach!

For any inquires, frond desk will be more than happy to help.

Shipping is included in the price, through specialized carriers that will ensure your artwork arrives to you safely.

Kelly Athanasiadou