Art Boutique

Close to the hotel’s entrance there is a hidden gem... A small boutique where you will find unique gifts for you or your significant others... Handmade and contemporary style pieces; all have their place at this small yet artistic boutique that will offer you the chance to carry with you home the cosmopolitan aura of the hotel and give your memories a touch of infinity!

Chic clothes & quality cosmetics - all the essentials for your holidays in Santorini

“Art Boutique” has nothing less from any other typical shop. Our boutique offers you all the essentials for your holidays in Santorini. The “White Santorini” filled our boutique with the most fashionable clothing and shoes, all designed by greek designers.
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Silk dresses, skirts and beachwear, each of them having a unique greek woman’s name (Athina, Lito, Veroe..)

Handmade sandals with Swarovski elements by greek designer Christina Fragista- to match with every summer outfit, but also, don’t forget the leather espadrilles by workshop for an all-day look in the island. For a complete summer look, you can choose “Grecian chick” handbags and clutches in different colours in leather suede and “SOL TWS” metal necklaces in different sizes. Also, keep in mind the jewellery collection by “Efi Store”. Big variety of necklaces, earrings and bracelets to choose that match perfectly all your outfits all year long.

While enjoying your time in Santorini, never forget to use sun protection.

“Aloe Vera” products are the “must” have for special treatment for your face and body. Sun cream and sun spray for sensitive skin, sun gel cream for already tanned skin, anti- raging sun cream for the face and don’t forget “After sun gel cream” to cool down after spending hours under the sun. The Aloe Vera collection doesn’t stop here. Enjoy your shower after the beach with Aloe Vera shower gel, wellness bath and 2 in 1 hair & body wash. Plus, many other products for your everyday beauty routine, as body & face moisturizing creams, face cleaning tissues, tooth paste and many more.