From Thessaloniki to Paris


She was born in Trikala, Thessaly, Greece. She studied Visual and Applied Arts, in the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. She works as a Fine Arts professor. She has taught Drawing, Painting and Art History in the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, and has participated as a lecturer in teacher seminars. She participated in the European PICTOR Workshop under the supervision of Francois Martin, Michel Salsmann and Horst Hellinger. In 2014, she attended a seminar on the use of new technologies in Engraving and Photography hosted by the Faculty of Fine Arts of AUTh. In 2019, her work on the “Lafkadio Hearn” project was awarded at the International Art Excange Exhibition in Kobe, Japan. She has presented her work in solo and group exhibitions in various cities in Greece and abroad:

February 1998: Group Exhibition of the artists that participated in the PICTOR European workshop at Alaja Imaret in Thessaloniki, Greece. May 1999: Solo exhibition at Hatzigiannio Municipal Spiritual Center in Larissa, Greece. November 1999: "New Artists in Thessaloniki" exhibition, LAVA Gallery, Thessaloniki, Greece. April 2000: Group Exhibition hosted by the Drawing School of Th.Papioti in Thessaloniki, Greece. September 2001: “Contemporary Thessalian Creators - Route 5”, Larissa Contemporary Art Center- Neapolis Art Center, Larissa, Greece. December 2001: "Symposium" Group Exhibition the Alumni Association of the Faculty of Fine Arts of Thessaloniki - 67th TIF, Thessaloniki, Greece. February 2002: "Figures and Forms" at the Art Workshop of the Municipality of Neapoli in Thessaloniki, Greece. May 2002: "Inspiration and Creation", group exhibition in Gallery Armos in Thessaloniki, Greece. October 2002: Retrospective exhibition of the work of the Alumni Association of the Faculty of Fine Arts of Thessaloniki at Moni Lazariston Art Center in Thessaloniki, Greece. April 2005: Group Exhibition of the Alumni Association of the Faculty of Fine Arts of Thessaloniki at the Art Center in Loutra, Thessaloniki. December 2005: Group Exhibition the Alumni Association of the Faculty of Fine Arts of Thessaloniki in the Yeni Djami Museum of Thessaloniki. September 2008: Group exhibition at the Teloglion Foundation of Art, Thessaloniki. March 2010: Solo exhibition at the French Institute of Larissa. August 2010: Group exhibition at the Titanium Gallery in Athens. 2011: Participation in the Group Exhibition entitled “Residents of Partisan”, in Thessaloniki, Greece. 2011: Participation in George Tsakiris' exhibition with the title “Family Affair”, at Vafopouleio Cultural Center of Thessaloniki. April 2014: Group exhibition “Creativity & light” at the French Institute of Thessaloniki. December 2014: Group exhibition entitled “2 days art action, 6 days presentation”, in Ρώ Gallery in Thessaloniki.

September 2015: Group exhibition of digital design-oriented artists in the engraving center "Helios" of the Municipality of Neapoli in Thessaloniki, Greece. December 2015: "Sex S.o.a.p." group exhibition at Vlassis Art Gallery of Thessaloniki. December 2016: Participation in the 1st Art Thessaloniki Art Fair with the “Pause entr'acte” artistic team and the Alumni Association of the Faculty of Fine Arts of Thessaloniki. December 2017: Participation in the 2nd Art Thessaloniki Art Fair with the Alumni Association of the Faculty of Fine Arts. November 2018: Participation in the 3rd Art Thessaloniki Art Fair with the Alumni Association of the Faculty of Fine Arts and with the group project "Lafkadio Hearn". 2019: Presentation of the group project “Lafkadio Hearn” at the International Art Exchange Exhibition in Kobe, Japan. May 2019: Group exhibition at Eirmos Gallery in Thessaloniki. November 2019: Participation in the 4th Art Thessaloniki Art Fair. October 2020: Participation in the exhibition "Together, so far so close" at MOMus - Experimental Arts Centre. March 2021: "My name is Woman". A solo exhibition at the Art Showcases of OTE in Thessaloniki. 2021-2022 Participation in the group exhibition at the Numismatic Museum of Athens. October 2022 : "In the heart of the forest". Solo exhibition at the Room of Pikap community in Thessaloniki. November 2022: 1) Participation in the 6th Art Thessaloniki Art Fair with AcroArt Project Gallery and 2) with the Alumni Association of the Faculty of Fine Arts.


Anna Shumanskaia was born on the 31st of May, 1974 in Pyatigorks, Russia in the family of teachers, artists and actors. The beauty of her region, surrounded by the Caucasus Mountains, the paintings of her father and her grand-father plunged her childhood into an artistic atmosphere that influenced her life perception and her creations. Having acquired her Master’s Degree in Linguistics in Russia, she also studied photography at “Photoplay”, Moscow. In 2015 she moved to Paris, where she learned French and got her Master’s Degree in Photography at Spéos (Paris Photographic Institute). Since that time she has been participating in numerous individual and collective exhibitions in France and Greece. In April 2018 she also published her photo book “Personalized Dress Code” in English and in French (registered at BNF - National Library of France). In 2021 came out her second photobook “ Portraits en Confinement”. Identity is one of her principal values. She looks for it and expresses it in her photographs. Such as portraits of the people, wearing potatoe sacks or the naked bodies, emerging from water or those, painted in their emotions.


June 2017 - Collective exhibition at the International Photo Faire of Bièvres, France July 2017 - Collective exhibition at Festival Voies Off d’Arles, France October - December 2017 - Personal exhibition “Reflection”, Paris November 2017 - May 2018 - Personal exhibition “Colours”, Saint-Germain-en-Laye, France June 2018 - Personal exhibition - “My Impressions”, Paris August 2018 - Personal exhibition at the Cultural Festival in Florina, Greece October 2018 - Personal exhibition “Stories of Emotions” at the International Salon of Contemporary Art - ART SHOPPING, Carrousel du Louvre, Paris February 2019 - Art Capital - Collective exhibition with independent artistes at Grand Palais, Paris March - April 2019 - Personal exhibition «La nudité au féminin» - Gallery La Place , Paris March - May 2019 - Collective exhibition «Reflections» - Gallery Hegoa , Paris June 2019 - Collective exhibition - GalerieK-Tokyo, Japan June 2019 - Collective exhibition - GalerieM-Seoul, South Korea July 2019 - Collective exhibition with Collectif F1.4 - Festival Voies Off Arles, France November 2019 - Collective exhibition - SELF PORTRAIT : Saif celebrates its 20 years in 900 images, Espace Niemeyer, Paris September 2020 - Personal exhibition “Anatomy of Water”, Myriam Bouagal Gallery, Paris July - August 2021 - Personal exhibition “Anatomy of Water”, Art Gallery de Miguel Vallon, Vichy, France October - November 2021 - Personal exhibition “Between Present and Past”, Spéos Gallery, Paris March - April 2022 - Collective exhibition: “Femmes à L'oeuvre" - Hegoa Gallery, Paris February 2023 - Personal exhibition “Between Present and Past”- Russian Cultural Center, Paris March 2023 - Personal exhibition “Between Present and Past” - Agora Bookshop, La Roche-sur-Yon, France