The Naked Truth

The Naked Truth Artists

Fedra Charda
Body, recall. mixed media, oil and ink on canvas, photo carved with sandpaper, 55x40cm

Fedra Charda was born in 1987 in Athens. She is a graduate of the American College of Greece and in 2019 she graduated from the Athens School of Fine Arts. Her works are mostly paintings, photography and the combination of the two, collages and constructions / installations. She has participated in various group exhibitions, including Future Identities - Bodies. Places.Spaces. as part of the Venice Experimental Cinema and Performance Art Festival in 2014 in Venice. Since 2010 she is professionally involved as set designer and photographer in many Theaters and Music Live Stages.

The Naked Truth Artists

Michael Eleftheriou
Sweet Luxury Girl

Michalis Eleftheriou was born in Limassol, Cyprus in. At the age of 8 years old he began painting classes in various educational art programs, with various teachers, such as Tasos Tyrimo and Dimitris Dimitriou. He has also participated in municipal contests where he had taken part in first and second places and Awards and in European competitions and contests.

He has attended icon painting courses at the Orthodox Metropolis of Limassol. In 2007 he got accepted the School of Fine Arts of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki with professors George Golfinos, Lambros Psyrrakis and George Divaris. He lives and pursues his studies in Thessaloniki since 2007 in Fine and Applied Arts Department of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

The Naked Truth Artists

Kyriakos Fragozides
Sleeping Beauty, colour on ricepaper and plexiglass, 50x100 cm

Kyriakos Fragozidis was born in Piraeus in 1959. He has attended painting lessons in Greece and in Germany where he lived for six years, private lessons besides established Masters and also in group lessons. In the last five years he mainly deals with painting in Plexiglass. The medium he uses is packing films, pasted in the Plexiglas and then modulates his theme with a blade. The portraits, the human figures but and landscaping are mainly his subject. He has participated in many group exhibitions in Greece and Germany, such as at the Schiller Ludwigsburg Gallery, Staat Gallery Stuttgart, Heil gallery, Culture center Ludwigsburg, but also in independent places in Thiseio, Monastiraki, with the Dionis artists' group, with the GFC team, with the Mofori team with the Piraeus Philological Roof Club, the PELT club and the Piraeus Teachers' Associations.
The Naked Truth Artists

Elena Griva
Vero o Falso, Remains of greek coffee, hagiography powders, plastic raw material, charcoal and pastels on natural canvas, 90x80cm

Elena Griva was born in 1975 in Doxato, Greece and is a mother of three children. She has a Bachelors degree in Italian Language and Literature, while in 2013 she graduated with honors from the School of Arts of the University of Western Macedonia. She works as a painter and art teacher. She is currently teaching art to children with Special Needs. Moreover, she professionally illustrates children’s books. Elena has participated in many art exhibitions throughout the years, such as the Biennale in Athens 2009 and in Lecce of Italy. In her current work she was inspired by the «predicted» death of a beloved person by a coffee fortune teller. Being unable to change reality, Elena tried through her art to cast out the “evil”. She used greek coffee remains in her paintings, not only as a material but as a symbol as well. Is there fate? If so, can we change or get away from it?

The Naked Truth Artists

Aris Kaiafas
Blossom, Watercolor and pencil on paper, 45 x 45 cm

ArisKaiafas is a young artist that lives and creates in Thessaloniki, Greece. Loving the arts from a really young age, he felt the need to express his creative thoughts through painting, trying to determine his artistic identity. He mostly works with pencils and watercolours, but also likes to experiment with charcoal and ink. The themes of his artworks are mostly the degenerated identity, the beauty of the naked body and the interaction with the surroundings, but also the feelings resulting from it. Through his works, he expresses his sensitivity for many social matters, and mostly the ones dealing with the gender identities. From 2014 to today, he has participated in many group and solo exhibitions, such as Toms, Thessaloniki (solo exhibition), Pride and Prejudice, Toss Creative Space, Thessaloniki (solo exhibition), Aspects of the feminine, Megart gallery, Athens, (team exhibition,) ARTBOX. PROJECT NEW YORK 1.0 (team exhibition) Meet the artist, Myro gallery, Thessaloniki (team exhibition) Concept store, Thessaloniki (solo exhibition) It’s oh so quiet, Margaris Institute, Amfilochia (team exhibition), The present is a present 2, Les YperYper, Thesaloniki (team exhibition).

The Naked Truth Artists

George Kastanakis
Loud Like Love I, Charcoal and ink on paper, 20x30 cm

George Kastanakis was born in Athens in 1995. He has studied Graphic Design and Illustration in Athens and has attended Caricature and Cartooning seminars in Athens and Romania. He is a former tutor and assistant at the Children’s Art Museum of Plaka, while in 2018 he attended scenography and costume design workshop with Yiannis Metzikov. He has illustrated English Student books and has co-illustrated the bilingual Greek and Japanese book “Duet of Enlightenment” by the poets Maki Starfield and Konstantinos Bouras. He has designed catalogues and posters for several festivals and art galleries. He has already participated in group exhibitions in Athens and Romania. Today, he is a freelance artist and graphic designer, based in Athens, Greece.

The Naked Truth Artists

Yiannis Kornilios
Dancers, Acrylic on cotton canvas, 40x50 cm

Giannis Kornilios was born in South Africa in 1973, grew up in Thessaloniki and has also lived in Heraklion, Crete. His first contact with the brushes was before the age of 5. He began studying Economics but soon he left his studies and got devoted to painting. He has studied free and geometric design and hagiography. He worked for several years painting and aging Minoan vases for touristic shops. Born with hard of hearing, painting for him is a great expression and communication. He works mostly with acrylic paints, charcoal and paperboard.

His works are usually geometric and dreamy, but the magic of Mykonos island gave inspiration and new form to his work. Today, he lives and works in Mykonos.

The Naked Truth Artists

Charalampos Krystalogiannis
Naked in Cubes, pencil on paper, 40x30cm

Charalampos Krystalogiannis was born in Athens in 1997. He has taken free hand drawing lessons for over a year and worked as an Hagiographer's assistant. Constant connection with nature, personal understanding about the world and journeys are main factors of his art. Today, he is an undergraduate student in aircraft engineering and lives in Evia, Greece.

The Naked Truth Artists

Evangelos Liougas
Gallop, mixed media, wood, acrylic, metal, 72x72 cm, triptych

Evaggelos Liougkas was born in Athens in 1973. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Bari (Italy) in 1997 with honors. He has attended private lessons in Engraving, Photography, Design, Byzantine Icon Painting and Restoration. He lives in Athens, he is an art teacher as well as a professional painter and hagiographer. He is a member of the Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece. His works of art are included in private collections in Greece and abroad. Art Critics and the Mass Media have commented on his art. He has already participated in three individual exhibitions and in several group exhibitions.

The Naked Truth Artists

Konstantia Macre
The room, acrylic on canvas, 60x60cm

Konstantia Macre is a student in the 2nd year of the School of Fine Arts and Applied Arts of the Aristotle University, in Thessaloniki. She has already participated in a group of exhibition that took place in Athens at the Trii Hub gallery on February 2019 under the supervision of art curator Olga Latousakis.  She will take part in a group exhibition in Thessaloniki at the Telloglion Foundation in May-June in the honor of art historian Loukas Venetoulias, and in a group exhibition (1st workshop of the School of the Fine Arts and Applied Arts of the Aristotle University),named the project platforms, in Athens in May.

The Naked Truth Artists

Ulli Mirasgetis
Precious Water, mixed media, 35x50cm 

Ulli Mirasgetis was born in Salzburg, Austria. She met her husband in Greece and went with him for four years to Africa. They have three children and they live in Greece.

She studied art for eight years with her teacher Arnhard Woitsch. In 1978 she meets an artist, Karl Heinz Schreiner, student of Hundertwasser School in Vienna, He and a close family friend Anton Teckert, professor of the Art University in Linz had a huge impact on her. She writes and illustrates environmental fairytales. Influenced by her deep love for nature and the bright colors of Africa she creates paintings full of intense color combinations and messages to protect nature. She has participated in a lot of personal and group exhibitions in Down Town Art Gallery, Art Zone 42 Gallery, Kastela Art Center, Time of Art Gallery, The Children Museum in Plaka and has presented her books in Down Town Gallery, Karolos Koon Alimos, Goulandris Natural Museum and Zosimia Public Central Historic Library Ioannina.

The Naked Truth Artists

Melina Moisidelis
No Title IX, oil and acrylic on methacrylate. 54cm

The Greek Mexican artist Melina Moisidelis, carried out a master in “Theory and Practice of the Contemporary Visual Arts” in the University Complutense of Madrid, specialized in “Drawing, Painting and Graphic Art” in the Istituto Per l' Arte e Il Restauro, in Florence, Italy. Selected by the University Complutense of Madrid for a workshop with the Greek artist Jannis Kounellis, in Spain. Got Bacherlor’s Degree in Graphic Design and conducted several workshops at the National School of Painting, Sculpture and Engraving “La Esmeralda” as well as in the Academy of San Carlos of the National Autonomous University of Mexico.

She has already twenty solo exhibitions in Mexico, Spain, Finland and Greece. More than seventy group exhibitions among Iceland, Spain, Italy, Mexico, Cuba, Argentina and Greece. She also has been selected in several art prizes and biennials, as well as in different auctions.

In 2007, she received a scholarship from the National Found for Culture and Arts of Mexico and won an artist residency in Argentina in 2009 by the Mexican and Argentine governments. Has been distinguished with 2 ° Prize in the “3° National Contest
Painting for the Democracy” organized by the Federal Electoral Institute of Mexico in 2001 and the 3º Prize in Graphic Art, in the 6° International Prize of Painting, Graphic, Sculpture and Poetry, of the Provincial Office of the Secretary of Florence, in Italy.

She is founding member of the Mexican Association of Artists and Intellectuals in Greece «BALAM» that currently performs artistic activities of contemporary art in the city of Athens.

The Naked Truth Artists

Susanna Papakaliatis
Summer Blue, Acrylicon canvas, 60x80 cm

Susana Papakaliatis was raised in Crete by a Greek father and an Italian mother. She has dealt with design in decoration, clothing and architecture. Artistic in nature, she is keen on photography, music and dancing. She is professionally involved in renovation, design and construction of professional spaces such as retail stores, hotels and restaurants. At the same time, she has spent the past 4 years painting, after having attended Mrs. Natasha Vlahaki’s workshops. She has curated an individual art exhibition at a hotel in Crete and has participated in various group exhibitions, such as the "Minoan Civilization and Monuments of Crete ". She has also participated in the group exhibition at ''Der Kunstraum in den RingstrassenGalerien Wien'' in Austria which was held In collaboration with the UNESCO Group of Greece. Her latest participation was in the ''2nd Exhibition of Visual Arts, Utrecht Holland'', Netherlands.

The Naked Truth Artists

Eudoxia Papasavvas
Lightworker, mixed media on canvas, 40x80cm

Eudoxia Papasavvas was born and raised in the village of Profilia, Rhodes. Later on, at the age of 16, she moved to the US, where she lived for many years in New England. She studied Sociology, Anthropology and Archaeology at the Central Connecticut State University. After moving back to Greece, and searching deep in her inner world, she started sketching and drawing, trying to tell her own story. Many of her paintings have been exhibited in Metaphysical and Alternative Energy Festivals.

The Naked Truth Artists

Dimitris Ribas
The mirror, acrylic on canvas, 80x60 cm.

Dimitris Rimpas was born in Athens Greece. He owns Noise of Art Gallery at Kerameikos, Athens. He has been involved with art since he can remember himself, but he is mainly working on it the last seven years. In the past I had attended basic studies in Arts at ECOLE ABC DE PARIS. He has taken part in several collective exhibitions in Athens and abroad, such as the “People of Mediterranean” exhibition which took place at the Linda Farrell Gallery in Paris, and another successful exhibition in Vienna at the Der Kunstraum Gallery. His work has also been presented in the Decorating and Architecture Magazine “Cosy Home”, in 2018. Today, many of his paintings belong to personal collections in Greece, Cyprus, Paris and Australia.

The Naked Truth Artists

Lena Morfogeni
Zeimpekiko, watercolour and graphite on paper, 40x50 cm

Chistina Sgouridi was born in Athens in 1981.
She has studied animal husbandry, graphic design and, finally, she graduated from Vakalo Art and Desing College in 2010 as an illustrator. Since 2013 she works as a painter.

The Naked Truth Artists

Gerasimos Thomas
Life of stone, 40x30, cm each

Dr Gerasimos Thomas graduated with honors from the Athens School of Fine Arts in 2006. He also attended lessons in the sectors of mosaic, sculpture and theoretical courses in History of Arts and Architecture, Pedagogy, Psychology of Education, Philosophy, Art teaching. He taught in the Athens School of Fine Arts (2006-2013) Design, Rythmology and Architecture. He has presented his work in exhibitions in Bosnia-Herzegovina (17th International Biennial Festival of Portrait), Athens, Piraeus, Halkida, Kefallonia and Karditsa. He is a Civil Engineer (NTUA 2000), has a Master of Science in Conservation and Restoration of Monuments (NTUA 2002) and a Doctoral Diploma in Architecture (NTUA 2009). He has worked in restoration projects in the Acropolis of Athens (moving sculptures in the New Museum) and in several restoration projects of monuments. He has been teaching Arts and Architecture in the Courses of the National Programme "Plato Academy" of the National Kapodistrian University in Athens. For the last two years he has been teaching Visual Arts in an open Workshop of the Folk University in Eleusis.

The Naked Truth Artists

Faye Tsakalides
Naked Unity, white marble, 21x21x30cm

Faye Tsakalides (White Cubes) is the Creative Director of a multidisciplinary company in London|UK & Athens|Greece. Seeking to achieve beauty, elegance and minimalism on form Faye Tsakalides create pieces that break down the rules of ephemeral to form a well established language of avant-garde eternal design Considering the creation of design as a philosophical and intellectual approach on form, she gives us forms that are characterized by tranquility, minimalism, linearity & sculptural purity, not to forget its fragility and lightweightness.

Faye Tsakalides superimposes the intangible experience of emotions on the physical reality of objects, creating minimalism and sculptural sensitivity that challenges the eclectic border between ‘’functional avant - garde Art’’ and ‘’sculptural long-lasting Design’’.

After having studied in Edinburgh College of Art | Edinburgh UK & the famous Ecole Nationale Superieure d'Architecture de Paris-Belleville | Paris France, she won numerous awards and competitions presenting her work in Stockholm design week, London design week, Paris Now le off design, Milan Salone del Mobile & Milan Fuorisalone, Bienalle de Kortrijk-Belgium, Iceland museum of modern Art Reykjavik, Festival de design Berlin and recently being invited in New York design week & Wanted design Manhattan, Los Angeles design Festival and the Trade Center Dubai during Index Dubai UAE exhibition.

The Naked Truth Artists

Eleni Tsaldiri
A/M, acrylics on canvas, 70X100cm

Born In Eubea, Greece. Eleni Tsaldiri has studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts of Venice next to Emilio Vedova. She has also studied printmaking at the School of Fine Arts of Athens next to Michael Arfaras. She has an MA in Children's Book Illustration from the Anglia Ruskin University of Cambridge School of Arts next to Martin Sulsburry. She has won a State Schoolarship of the Greek govement (ΙΚΥ) for the MA course 2008 - 2010 in England.She writes and Ilustrates Books since 2007. She has participated in group exhibitions in Greece and abroad. Her images experiment etching, woodcut, colours and mixed techniques. Particulary, her technique ranged from the figurative pictorial concept to the sewn finish abstract prints.

The Naked Truth Artists

Katerina Tsitsela
Aretoussa, Engraving, aquatinta and sugar, 40 x 50 cm

Born in Thessaloniki, Katerina Tsitselastudied Fine Arts in Perugia (Italy) at the University of Pietro Vannunci, at the School of Fine Arts of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki with a Master of Fine Arts Department at the School of Fine Arts of Aristotle University.She has recorded solo and group exhibitions in Greece, Italy, Berlin, Hannover, Slovakia, Moscow, London, New York, Barcelona.She took part in the Biennale Beijing China, Biennale International Engraving Spain, Biennale Miniature Engraving Serbia, International Drawing Biennial India, MuseoChiangiano Italy with International Special Award, Cica museum Korea, Byzantine Museum of Thessaloniki, Teloglion Museum, Gounaropoulos Museum, Katrakis Museum, Lazaristes Monastery, as well as attending workshops and seminars.She lives and works in Thessaloniki.

The Naked Truth Artists

Athina Tzeis
Precious Simplicity, Oil on canvas, 80x80 cm

Athina Tzeis was born in Piraeus, Greece. She has studied Business and Administration at the American College of Greece. After her retirement from a big metal industry in Athens, where she worked for over 30 years, in 2010, she began to to seriously pursue painting as a new way of spending her free time, so she started taking the principles of painting by Eva Geraki, graduate of the Faculty of Beaux-Arts, and since then she has worked t enhance her artistic skills. She has participated in Piraeus and Athens, while she had her first solo exhibition in February 2019, in Piraeus.

The Naked Truth Artists

Maria Vamvakidi 
Small Snapshot, Acrylic and ink on led lighted canvas, 50x70

 Maria Vamvakidi is a Greek artist/painter. She was born in Heraklion, Crete where she lives and works until today. She started attending freehand drawing lessons from a very young age. She studied Graphic arts in the AKTO art and design school. She also attended hagiography and painting workshop lessons. She has taken parts in various team exhibitions and she also exhibits her paintings in her workplace. Many of her paintings are part of private collections.

The Naked Truth Artists

Natassa Vlahaki
Truth and Lie, Oil on canvas, 50x60 cm

Natassa Vlachaki was born in Heraklion, Crete. She’s the chairman of the Cretan conjectural association "Technokyklos"(art cycle). She is also a special secretary of the UNESCO "Knossos" Art of Speesh and Science. She studied at Laurence School sketch and body painting in Athens. She continued her studies in Crete being taught by Mr. Vasilis Gratsias and Mr. G.Georgiadis in painting, Mr. Petrakis in engraving, and Mr. Pagomenos in Sculpture. Since 1998, she works professionally in her own place teaching painting. In 2016 she established the Cretan conjectural association Technokyklos organizing exhibitions in Greece and abroad. Up to now she has organized 7 personal exhibitions and 19 group exhibitions in Crete, Athens, and Vienna.