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Bonnie & Clyde Painters

Basilis Bacalis
'The Singer', 120x80 cm, acrylics on canvas

Basilis Bacalis was born in Athens and started studying Fine Arts (2016) at Athens School of Fine Arts. He is studying painting under professor George Kazazis and where he also has studied ceramics. He has participated at the following group exhibitions: 2017: Deligiorgis Mansion (Athens) / 2008: Connected (Gallery Spilioti Projects), The Present (Gallery Spilioti Projects, ΕΚΠΛΗΞΗ! (Τεχνόπολις Δήμου Αθηναίων).

Bonnie & Clyde Painters

Christina Foitou
Absence', 170x180 cm, mixed media on canvas, 2016-2017

Christina Foitou was born and raised in Athens, Greece. Initially, she studied Pedagogy and then she continued her studies at the School of Fine Arts of Venice with professor Riccardo Guarneri in painting and with professor Mario Guadagnino in engraving. She graduated with honors. As a teacher of arts, in both the private and public educational sectors, she worked as a set designer for children and teenagers theatre performances. At the same time, she started giving art workshops for children. In 2007 she moved to Chania, Crete. Her work focuses on painting and performance art. Her way of painting aims to create an intense dialogue with the body, whilst using it along with brushes in order to complete the artwork. The study of the body and the research of its kinesiology made her realize how the body, in general can express itself, speak louder than words, and convey various messages. This procedure got her involved with various performances, which she always implements when she feels the need to address matters and issues that concern her. She has participated in a numerous group exhibitions, like Art Athina (2016), as well as presented four personal exhibitions. Many of her artworks are owned by private and public art collections in Greece and abroad.

Bonnie & Clyde Painters

Elli Housou Moraiti
In All Points, 50cm (cube), mixed media, 2016

I graduated Athens Art School of Fine Arts, studying Painting with teachers Mytaras and Kessanlis and Theatrical Scenery and Skinografia with Vasileiadis. I additionally studied Graphic design and Architectural design photography at Vakalo Art & Design College with Valavanidis, Dimitreas, Helen Vakalo, Gounaridis and Tetsis. I worked on Ceramics and Byzantine Art, working on techniques of jewels and following courses at Museum Benaki. I followed Drama courses with Pamenter Mavrokordatos (King Alfred's Winchester University) and Elements of choreographical composition with Manoela Souza and Apostolia Papadamaki and vocational training with Maria Fragki. I was trained in the Organisation and administration in the Education as deputy manager of High school and am postgraduate student of Applied clinical sociology and art in the University Aegean Macedonia and School of Florina Fine Art. I worked as a designer and illustrator and I am teaching Art, from 1987 up to now, in High schools and municipalities. I organized and coordinated several National educational programs and European COMENIUS, environmental education and pottery, Education of Health and equality projects.

Bonnie & Clyde Painters

Evangelos Kalogeropoulos
Invulnerable, 60x100 cm, mixed media on canvas, 2018

Evangelos Kalogeropoulos was born in Chromio Kozanis in 1960. He spent his childhood in Larimna Lokridos where he studied at the private school founded by Prodromos Mpodosakis. He graduated from the Athens School of Fine Arts, where he studied painting in the second painting lab with George Lazogas, George Charvalias and Aristotelis Tzakos as tutors. At the Athens School of Fine Arts he also studied engraving with Mary Schina, George Gourzis, Ntina Kotsiou and sculpture with Nikos Tranos. Before that he studied Graphic Arts in Athens and in the same time he attended painting and drawing lessons in Plakas labs. He also studied drawing, painting and sculpturing at the painting lab of Nikos Christoforakis and Litsa Martzoukou. Membership: Member of Greek Chamber of Fine Arts, Member of Art Plastic Unesco, Member of ArtiBrak, Netherlands. Exhibitions: ''Appointment in Samarkand'', TriiArtHub, Group Exhibition, Athens, Greece, 2/2018, ''Trilogia'' – Group Exhibition, Westeinde, The Hague 3/2017, ''Parels van Bezuidenhout – Christus Triumfatorkerk'', The Hague 6/2016, Bagels & Beans art cafe – Thomsonlaan, The Hague 5/2016, ''Texni Anothen'' – Group Exhibition, Athens 12/2015, Exhibition in Athens School of Fine Arts room ''Nikos Kessanlis'' 6/2015, ''Nikos Kazantzakis'' Vault Theater Plus, Athens 9/2014, ''Kouti'' Bios – Group Exhibition, Athens 6/2013, ''Rolex'' North Carolina, USA 10/2012, ''Ikastikes Anazitiseis'' Athens, Greece 3/2010.

Bonnie & Clyde Painters

Katerina Kaloumenou
Rocks, mixed media, 25x20cm, 2017

Κaterina Kaloumenou was born in Athens, Greece. She graduated from the School of Fine Arts in Painting and has studied Hagiography, Mosaic and Scenography. She is a member of the Chamber of Fine Arts in Greece. The artist has undertaken the design of covers and illustrations for book publishing. She has worked as an assistant in mosaic decoration of churches. She also engaged in Byzantine Art and has made the painting of portable Byzantine icons. As a teacher, she has taught in the children’s painting department at the Municipality of Athens and in Primary Education. She has participated in many exhibitions in Greece and elsewhere around the world. ''In my unique styles of realism and fantasy Ι often express the feeling of the water element in various forms. Ι adept in the use of different materials and techniques including oil, acrylic, mosaics and mixed media''.

Bonnie & Clyde Painters

Irene Kaoukaki
Escaping, 70x50cm, oil on canvas

Lives in Piraeus, Greece. Studies: Diploma from the University of the Art of Athens at the studio of Mytaras, Kessanlis and Tetsis. Solo exhibitions (2017-1990): ''Store windows'' Zygos Gallery / ''Landscape'', ''Factory'' Dimokritos Gallery / ''Memories of time'' Epistrofi Gallery / ''Dancing'' Athenean Municipal Centre / ''Memories of times'' Helmis Museum in Zakinthos / Kefalos Municipal Theater Argostoli Kefalonia / ''Strolling around the city'' Ehnos in Piraeus. Group exhibitions: Exhibion of graduates of ASKT at the Music School of Athens / Costas Palamas in Athens / Dimokritos gallery / exhibition of paintings in Marseilles France as a representative of the minister of external affairs for the celebration about the 2600 years from the foundation of the city (Maison de l’ artisanat et des métiers d’art) / Municipal Centre Melina Merkouri / Syria / Argostoli Kefalonia / Ianos Athens. Her works can be found in private collections in Greece and abroad.

Bonnie & Clyde Painters

Katerina Kassaveti
Cosmic Bubble, 50x50cm, ink, 2018

She was born in Volos, Greece. She studied at the Doxiadis School, section of Conservation and Restoration of Works of Art and at the Athens School of Fine Arts (1978-83) where she was taught by Dimosthenis Kokkinidis. She has also studied Stage Design near Vassilis Vassiliadis. She has worked as Stage and Costumes Designer on several Theatrical plays and Television productions. She has presented her work at 8 solo exhibitions. She has participated in many group exhibitions in Greece and abroad. Her works can be found in private collections in Greece and abroad. She lives and works in Athens.

Bonnie & Clyde Painters

Christos Katsinis
Inceprion, 140x100cm, four-pieces collage

Christos Katsinis was born in Athens (1996) and started studying fine arts at Athens School of Fine Arts (2014). He is studying visual arts under professor George Kazazis and where he also has studied engraving and photography. His work is mainly collage artworks, engravings, installations, photography and video art. During his studies he has participated at the following group exhibitions: 2018: "Long-term convicts" Tsichritzis Foundation for the Visual Arts, Athens, 2017: Deligiorgi's Mansion, Athens / Melijazz Festival, Leonidio, Greece / ''Kinono Festival'', Tinos Island, Greece / Open September Festival, Vault Theatre, Athens / ''Meet the Artist'', Myro Gallery, Thessaloniki, 2016: Sotiris Fellios Gallery, Athens / "Regarding the pain of others" (based on Susan Sontag's book).

Bonnie & Clyde Painters

Ioanna Kazaki
Flying carpet, 80x60cm, oil pastel on canvas, 2016

Ioanna Kazaki was born in Thessaloniki. Studies: Painting and Printing at the Rome Academy of Fine Arts. Solo exhibitions (1989-): K7Art Gallery, Thessaloniki / Municipal Art Gallery of Athens / Design Art club Gallery, Thessaloniki / Tsatsis Projects / Art Forum Gallery, Thessaloniki / Art Passage Gallery, Milano. Group exhibitions: Nuova Galleria Internazionale, Rome / New propositions of Pieridis Art Gallery, Athens,Volos, Patra / New acquisitions of the Municipal Gallery of Athens / Port warehouse C, Thessaloniki / National Museum of Contemporary Art of Thessaloniki / ART CONCEPT International Festival, San Petersbug, Rusia / Port warehouse B1, CACT Contemporary Art Center of Thessaloniki / The permanent collection of Vafopoulio Center, Thessaloniki / BIENNALE 2 of Thessaloniki / I.N.A.C Contemporary Art Institute, Italy / ''Donne nell’Arte Presente'' M.A.P. Museo Mediterraneo dell’ Arte Presente, Italy / ''Law and ART'' Goethe Institute, Thessaloniki / ''Art and new technologies'' Engraving Center Ilios, Thessaloniki / Municipal Art Gallery of Kyklades, Syros / ''Motherboard-Imprisonment'' 501 Art Gallery Ptolemaida / Curatorial Galleria Abartium, Spain / Papatzikoy Art Gallery, Art Thessaloniki Fair / ''The experience of dreaming'' Tsixritzi Art Foundation, Athens / Art Forum Gallery, Thessaloniki / ''Hidden escapes'' Kastela Art Center / ''Hybrid Art Fair'' UFOFABRIC gallery Madrid. Collections: National Museum of Contemporary Art in Thessaloniki, Macedonian Studies Company Art Gallery, Municipal Gallery of Athens, Egnatia Company contemporary art collection, Vafopoulio center Art collection, I.N.A.C Contemporary Art Institute Collection, M.A.P. Museo Mediterraneo dell’ Arte Presente, Italy.

Bonnie & Clyde Painters

Evina Kat
Untitled,1mx60cm, white paper, 2017

EvinaKat (Aikaterini E.Kipeni-Thalassinou) is an artist who born and lives in Athens. She is at her last year of studies at Athens School of Fine Arts and in parallel she is a fine arts teacher at the Children’s Art Museum. Also, she studied as an Erasmus student for a year at Middlesex University in London where she took part in several exhibitions like the Old Truman’s Brewery and Islington Art’s Factory. Then, it was where she found her love for Plexiglas , wood ,metal and other materials that she combined with her knowledge as a fashion designer and jewelry maker to make her 3d installations. Her work at the moment is inspired by the movement of minimalism, geometry and conceptual art.
Bonnie & Clyde Painters

Evi Kirma
Colorful 17, 55x45 cm, acrylics on canvas, 2017

Education: University of Western Macedonia - Department of Fine and Applied Arts (taught drawing, sculpture, graphic design, computers and video art, industrial design, jewelry, iconography, encaustic). Solo exhibitions: 2018-2017: ''Evasion2'' Myro gallery Thessaloniki / HYATT Hotel Thessaloniki Greece / ''Colorful'' Epsilon Art Gallery, Loutraki, Athens, Greece / ''Evasion1'' Myro gallery, 2016: ''Sinless 2 installation'' Myro gallery, 2014: ''Incarceration Stories'' Ethnological Museum (former Kindergarten Caesarea Kozani), Municipality of Caesarea, Kozani Greece / ''Incarceration Stories'', Gallery512, Ptolemaida, Greece, 2011: 8th Macedonian Congress of Urology Society of Northern Greece, Macedonia Palace Hotel, Thessaloniki Alexander the Great Avenue 2, Greece. Group exhibitions: Epsilon Art Gallery, gallery-Athens, Ethnological Museum Kozani, Greece, Myro gallery, Gallery512 Ptolemaida, Greece, Macedonia Palace Hotel Thessaloniki, FIER Art gallery, Cultural Centre KAVADARCI, Culture Minestry TASKOPRU, ''AQUA'' Gallery Santorini, La SUISSE hotel - PRISTINA, GONEDAROU Art Gallery, Thessaloniki, ArtNoice Gallery, Greece, Gallery Macedonian Studies, Thessaloniki, Archeos-Apollonia Fest 2016, Fine Arts Museum Herakleion, Crete, FELLBAH HOUSE Kosovo, ENKELANA Hotel (gallery hall) Albania POGRADECI, HANDH Gallery, Kosovo, Culdure Centre GOSTIVAR, Lola Nicolaou Art Gallery Thessaloniki,''ΡΩ” Art Gallery Thessaloniki, Central Library Humboldt Thessaloniki, "Fine Arts Museum'' Herakleion, Metropolitan Hotel Thessaloniki, Cultural Centre "Freedom" Drama, Papatzikou Art Gallery Hmathia, Municipality Art Gallery ''Casa Bianca'' Thessaloniki, Vlassis Art Gallery Thessaloniki, Vergina Primary School Greece, Byzantine Museum-Thessaloniki, "FAATH” Thessaloniki, Museum of Contemporary Art Florina, Archaeological Museum Aiani Kozani Greece, Aristotelis Educational Society Florina.

Bonnie & Clyde Painters

Konstantinos Kounalis
Victory, 100x70 cm, ink & oil on canvas, 2012

Born in1968 and grew up in Crete. Graduate of Athens Fine Arts University in Visual Arts section of the painting workshop Ch.Botsoglou and G.Lazongas, while Bachelor of Art Education. Also, I’ve have attended the following workshops: Printmaking (woodcut), Photography and Multimedia and coursework in Paris 8 as Chinese calligraphy, virtual directories and plastic arts. I've worked in Public Schools and Workshops. Member of visual arts Chamber in Greece. Honorary Award in '63 ème salon des Artistes du Hurepoix'' in St. Geneviève des Bois, Paris. Solo exhibitions: 2017: Public school of Krokylio ''Makrigiannia'' Krokylio / 2012: Art Gallery Alpha 3 Heraklion, Art gallery Vaso Milonogianni, Chania / 2010: Kounalis Studio Chania. Group exhibitions: 2018: ''Artists of Hania interpret the Tower of Babel'' Municipal Art Gallery of Chania / 2017: St.Genevieve de Bois 71° Salon des artistes du Hurepoix Paris / 2016: ''The Body of Modern Judgment in the Judgment of Artists'' House of civilization, Rethimno / 2014: ''Honour to Greco'' MET Heraklion / 2012: ''My Greece'' St.Mark's Basilica, Heraklion / 2011: ''Art-Education-Hope'' Art space Apollo, Piraeus, ''Small is smart'' ARTOWER gallery, Athens / 2010: ''Look at the visual landscape of Crete'' Corfu Gallery, ''The ancient olive grove'' TEI Heraklion, ''Art and Place'' Art Gallery of Chania / 2009: ''Why cinema now?'' Film Festival Thessaloniki, ''In the centenary of P.Prevelakis'' Municipality Chania, S.Geneviève des Bois 63° Salon des artistes du Hurepoix Paris / 2008: ''Starting point'' MET Heraklion, ''Political Landscape, Contemporary Landscapes'' St.Mark's Basilica, Heraklion. I have also taken part in the painting of Holy Temples in Chania, in Cyprus and in South Korea.

Bonnie & Clyde Painters

Marina Koutsospyrou
Keep moving, 110x120cm, oil on canvas, 2018

Marina Koutsospyrou was born in Agrinio city (Greece) in 1974. She studied Painting in the Athens School of Fine Arts. She won the first prize for drawing (competition of the Cultural organization of the Municipality of Crete / International Festival of Arts). She has participated in many group exhibitions and competitions in Greece, Cyprus and abroad, in art galleries, art-fairs and museums. She has also worked as Stage and Costumes Designer on several theatrical plays. Her works can be found in private and public collections in Greece and abroad.

Bonnie & Clyde Painters

Beskida Kraja
My Blue Heaven, 40x30 cm, oil on cardboard

Born in Shkoder, Albania (1980). Lives and works between Athens, Tirana and Milan. She graduated in Painting in Academy of Fine Arts of Athens with Prof. Charambous, also following the sculpture course with Prof. Tranos and Photography with Prof. Baboussis. Has been studying for 1 year in Erasmus Programme in Milan, Italy. Her work has been shown in several exhibitions. Selected exhibitions: ''Studios 2017'' TAF, The Art Foundation, Athens / ''Imago Mundi'' Albania, Knots / ''163 Contemporary Artists from Albania'', Colletion Benetton Foundation / ''Cmimi Idromeno 2015'', Gallery of Shkoder, Albania / ''Soft meal'' Miza Gallery, Tirana / ''Dipola'' Pinacoteca of Athens / ''Stemperando'' International Biennial of Artworks on Paper – VI Edition, Turin/Tirane/Rome / ''Ornithoskalizmata'' Beton 7 Gallery, Athens, Greece / ''Art Kontakt Festival'' Porto Palermo, Himare, Albania / ''Premio Opera'' Ravenna, Italy / ''On The Road'' Gallery of Saranda, Albania / ''Seven'' Tirana Express, Tirana, Albania / ''Athens Photo Festival'' Benaki Museum, Athens / ''Organiki Ili'' Contemporary Art Miting Point (CAMP), Athens / ''Art For All'' Megaro Gyzi Museum, Santorini, Greece / ''Festival of Cultures '' Athens, Salonicco, Creta, Greece / ''Athens Photo Inspiration'' Technopolis (Gazi), Athens / ''Ditet e Mios'' Korce, Albania / ''Visual Search'' Athens, Greece / ''Fashion & Art'' The House Of Clothe As Body, (ASKT), Technopolis, (Gazi), Athens / ''Parnaso Società Letteraria'' Athens. Prizes: First Prize: ''Seven'' Tirana Express, Tirana, Albania / Second Prize: ''Athens Photo Inspiration'' Athens, Greece / First Prize: ''Parnaso Società Letteraria'' Athens, Greece.

Bonnie & Clyde Painters

Nikos Lamprinos
Temple, 137x137x2 cm, oil on canvas, 2016

My main goal is to achieve the feelings you have when your life is changing. The memories you carry when you get back, the nostalgy when you see something that reminds you of that change. I believe this feeling is common to all people so the viewer will find himself asking all sort of questions. Questions about life, relationships, purpose, higher self and meaning of life. Painting about the human, without having the human being inside. Source of the images could be photographs of the cities I visit, or from sketchbook, in which I draw every day. I'm talking about relations, about the idea of transformation.Encourage the viewer to confront and question the way we choose to perceive our reality. In an age where everything moves at warp speed,here is a refreshing reminder that sometimes it is necessary to slow down and take pause in order to really grasp the reality of our surroundings. EXHIBITIONS: 2018: "Appointment in Samarkand", Trii Art Hub, Athens, Greece, 2017: "Anti-retro", Sfageia, Athens / Artmap Wintethur, Switzerland, 2016: "Nothing Special, Just not opium", Cheapart Gallery, Athens / Artmap Wintethur, Switzerland / Art Map Ponte De Lima, Lisbon / Chazou Gallery, Kamloops, British Columbia / ''Dimensione'' , Winterthur, Switzerland, 2015: Metamatic:taf, Athens / Market House, Blacklion, Cavan, Republic of Ireland / Cavan County Council Buildings, Cavan town, Ireland, 2014-2007: Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Arts - Thessaloniki, Greece / Center of Literature and Arts ''Diexodos'', Mesologi, Greece, ''Art is hard'', Thessaloniki / Gallery Zina Athanasiadou, Athens / G. Gounaropoulos Museum, Athens / Melina Merkouri Cultural Centre, Athens / Floisvos cultural centre, Athens / State Department, Athens.

Bonnie & Clyde Painters

Smaragda Papoulia
Ιn the hearts of women, 110x150 cm, oil on canvas, 2011

Smaragda Papoulia – Vasilakoudi was born in Athens.
During her first painting lessons, she is taught by T.Pandos and S.Koukoulomatis (1981 – 1984).
In 1984, she is the first student to be accepted with state scholarship into Athens School of Fine Arts. She studies Art amongst P.Tetsis, G.Valavanidis and stage design with V.Vasiliadis. She graduates with honors. In 1980, she becomes a member of ''The collective center of Artistic activities'' (SIN).
She is a member of ''The Chamber of Fine Arts'' of Greece. Her work can be found in museums, Ministry of Culture, Bank of Eurobank and many private and public collections. From 1984 until today part of in numerous group exhibitions in Greece and abroad such us: ''Human figure in art'' Technopolis, Athens / ’First page '' Aenaon gallery / ''Me the other'' Argo gallery / ''Fashion puts target in breast cancer'' Goulandris Museum / ''Mesologi and Lord Byron'' Gallery C. & P.Moschandreou / ''Aegean light in modern art'' Municipal Gallery Mykonos / ''Α black Ford'' Heraklion Museum of Visual Arts / ''The Experience of Dreaming'' Tsichridzis Foundation / ''Hidden Escapes'' Art Centre Kastela / _Rebetika Museum Tsitsani, Trikala. Solo exhibitions: ''Narration women'' Gold gallery / ''Figure praise'' Argo / ''Ρetrospective'' Cultural Center of Stemnitsa, Arkadia / ''Painting on objects'' Arkadiani Hall, Arkadia.

Bonnie & Clyde Painters

Marina Rovithi
Wild Thoughts, 60x80 cm, diptych, acrylics, 2017

Marina Rovithi paints using elegant geometric architectural forms combined with intense colors, tonal contrast and the use of perspective. In her recent work, basic human forms appear for the first time, coexisting with the geometric yet modeled shapes. The precarious balance between figuration and abstraction holds the viewer’s attention, while her exploration of the human relationship to the spatial environment is apparent. Marina Rovithi graduated in Fine Arts (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki) and is a member of the Fine Arts Association of Greece. She lives and works in Athens and has shown her work in many group shows in Greece and abroad.

Bonnie & Clyde Painters

Agni Roussou
We and the World, 100x100cm, oil on canvas

At the age of 17 she was awarded with an honorary diploma for her painting progress by the Minister of Education. She studied painting at University of Western Macedonia School of Fine Arts, where she received a scholarship as a distinguished student. In the last five years, she has presented her work at Biennale of Venice, Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space of Prague, State museum of Contemporary Art, Benaki Museum, Athens Print Festival etc.

Bonnie & Clyde Painters

Ranio Sarri
Antinomia, 80x60 cm, mixed media

My name is Ranio, born and raised in Athens but my summers belong to Kefalonia,as from there is my origin. I began my studies in furniture design and continued with the free drawing and graphic design. My career path starts from NEXIT advertising that I was lucky to work for six years next to remarkable people in the field of advertising and magazines.
At the same time I have taken part in group exhibitions with visual content, as well as the Red Bull Collective Art, an exhibition of 2000 selected works by artists from 85 countries. Since 2013, I’ve started my own creative agency, a graphic art workshop. Solo exhibitions: 2017: ''Antinomia'' Saristra Festival, Kefalonia, ''Wine'' Ktima Karamitsou, Nemea, ''Emotional suspence'' Silo, Terra Petra / 2016: ''Παραλληλί-Ζω'' Municipal Theatre of Kefalonia. Selected group exhibitions: 2018-2012: ''Rebetika'' Tsitsanis Museum Trikala, ''Nostalgia'' Genesis Gallery, Athens, ''Art-Athina-Pepper Radio'', Tae Kwon Do Athens, ''Greek Flag''/''Msg in the Bottle''/ ''Greek Alphabet''/ ''Bible''/' 'Cross the Line'' Genesis Gallery.

Bonnie & Clyde Painters

Asterios Toris
Maybe this Dawn, 100x110 cm, mixed media

Asterios Toris was born in Munich, Germany. Music and guitar studies at Georgoudaki's Apollonio Conservatory in Athens and painting at Morricke Schule's Atelier in Stuttgart. He is Hellenic Art Vioma's Founding member. He is Art Director. He has taken part in ART- ATHINA, International Contemporary Fair of Athens 2015 & 2016 (ArtZone 42 Gallery), Art Thessaloniki 2017, Ellines in Emirates 2016. He has taken part in television and theatrical productions with scenographer Aspa Kariotoglou for PLD Productions and ENA Productions. He has participated in many group exhibitions. Main solo exhibitions: 2018 Depot Gallery, Athens, 2017 Tsixritzis Foundation, Athens, 2017 ArtZone42 Gallery, Athens, 2016 Paschalis Art House, Pelion, Volos, 2015 Vocal Center of Athens, 2014 Kastela Art Center, Athens, 2005 Ionian Center, Athens, 2004 Pinakothiki Psychari 36, Athens, 2003 Gallery Emphasis, Thessaloniki.

Bonnie & Clyde Painters

Anna Tourla
Thorn Crown, 110x110 cm, oil on canvas, 2017

She was born in Saranda in 1986. She finished her studies in 2017 at the Akadiemie of Fine Arts (ADBK) in Munich. There she studied painting and graphic arts in studio of the professors Jean-Marc Bustamante and Florian Pumhösl. In 2013 she finishied her studies in painting workshop in Athens School of Fine Arts (ASFA) in the studio of the professor Panos Charalampous. During her artistic activity, besides painting, she worked with glass painting, engraving, ceramics, Graphic arts, and recently dealing with Hagiography by working in a hagiography workshop that undertakes the development of churches in Greece and abroad. She has taken part in various exhibitions and symposium mainly abroad. Group exhibitions 2018-2011: "Nature Inside", Dépôt Art Gallery, Athens / "Finir en Beaut", Galerie der Künstler, Munich, Germany / Participation in the annual exhibition of the Academy of Fine Arts Munich / Group exhibition "Heimat" & "Tatort Kunst", Munich / "On the road", Saranda, Albania / "Artist comes first", Art Festival, Toulouse, France / "Art Voyage", Riga, Latvia / "Utopia Parkway", Stuttgart, Germany.

Bonnie & Clyde Painters

Efi Verikiou
Bonnie & Clyde, 50x40 cm, mixed media

Efi Verikiou graduated from the Athens School of Fine Arts with professor D.Sakellionas. Solo exhibitions: Ermoupolis, Syros / Melina Merkouri, Athens / Palace of Speech and Art, Patra / Military Academy / Municipality of Athens. Selected group exhibitions: Proact gallery / Apollon Art Space / Technopolis, Athens / MMT Thessaloniki / Biennale, Italy / Aleppo Centre for Culture and Arts, Syria / Tsitsanis Museum, Trikala / Depot Gallery. Her works can be found in private collections in Greece and abroad.

Bonnie & Clyde Painters

Irene Vogiatzi
SLEEPLESS, 125x90 cm, acrylics & ink, 2015

I was born in Xanthi and at a young age I came with my family in Athens. Attended courses in Higher School of Fine Arts in Athens with professor - painter George Mavroidis. I worked in the Banking sector and simultaneously followed financial studies in Higher School of Economics Business Sciences in Athens. Later I received a degree in Counseling Psychology. From November 2011, I studied painting with professors – painters Tassos Missouras and Nick Kaskouras and from 2012-2014 with professor - painter Achilleas Pistonis in painting and Marianna Katsoulidi in engraving. I followed engraving rotogravure with Miltos Petalas. I participated in November 2014 in masterclass of James Lloyd in Art Academy of London. I took part in selected group exhibitions and my works are to be found in private collections in Greece and abroad. Solo exhibitions: 2015/August ''Smoke Signals'' Foundation of Thracian Art and Tradition, Xanthi, 2016/June ''Smoke Signals'' Gallery Kaplanon 5, Athens.

Bonnie & Clyde Painters

Maria Vyrra
Richter in Liquid Curves, 100x70 cm, oil on canvas

Maria Vyrra was born in Athens, Greece in 1984. She studied Civil Engineering from 2002 to 2007 in the Technological Institute of Pirαeus and from 2008 to 2013 Painting in the Athens School of Fine Arts at the studio of Panos Charalampous. She also studied Sculpture at the studio of Thodoros Papagiannis and Nikos Tranos and Stage Design at the studio of Lily Pezanou. She has participated in many group exhibitions and competitions in Greece and abroad. In 2014 she was presented among other major new artists from around the world at ''Art Habens'' International Art Magazine. Solo Exhibitions: 2017: ''RED FIELDS FLOAT'' Municipal Gallery of Mykonos, Greece . Group Exhibitions: 2017: ''Otherwolds.1'', 5th Base Gallery, London, UK, ''Monitorfest 2'', Herakleion, Crete, Greece, ''Surprise VIII'', K44, ArtAz, Athens, Greece, ''Ysternia Edition'', Artunexpected, Tinos, Greece, ''REM-brand name'', Lola Nikolaou Gallery, Thessaloniki, Greece, 2016: Graduates 2012-2013, Nikos Kessanlis Hall, Athens School of Fine Arts, 2015: ''Bipolar'', Municipal Art Gallery of Athens, ''Surprise VI'', 9 Gallery, ArtAZ, Athens, ''Aica Hellas'', Zoumboulaki Gallery, Athens, 2014: ''On the road'', Municipal Art Gallery, Sarande, Albania Cheapart, PalioLitrivi, Poros, Greece, 2013: ''Art for all'', Gyzi Mansion Santorini, Greece, 2012: Trash Art, BIOS open studios, Athens, Cheap Art, penintaplinena gallery, Limassol, Cyprus, 2011: ''Etsi oloi mazi'', Michalis Kakogiannis foundation, Athens, 2010: ''Psyche, bipolarity and art'', Athens School of Fine Arts, 2009: ''React festival'', University of Syros, Greece. Competitions: 2014: ''Future Genaration Art Prize'', Victor Pinchuk Foundation Young Art, Moscow Biennale for young art, Moscow, Russia 2013: ''S.U.N.D Festival'', Lisbon, Portugal 2012: ''Future artists'', Skywards Emirates ''Love in the age of social media'', Athens School of Fine Arts and Metropolis free press.

Bonnie & Clyde Painters

Katerina Xarchopoulou
Garden of illusions, 40x50 cm, ink on paper, 2018

Katerina Xarchopoulou is a painter, engraver and graphic designer residing and working in Greece. Her work has been presented in 5 personal shows. She has participated in more than 90 group shows and contests of painting and engraving in Greece and abroad. Her work is lain in American and European collections of public interest or in personal collections, as well as in collections in Greece. She has illustrated numerous editions of poetry. The body of her work won the 3rd prize in an international contest in 2005. She has organized a group show of 50 well known artists in Dec. 2015 which proved to be very successful. She represents Mirca Art Group in Greece. Studies: Art Students League of New York & California Institute of the Arts Personal shows: Mykonos Municipal Gallery/Omma Gallery, Ca., USA/Omma Gallery, Chania/M art Gallery – group show participating with 21 paintings, Athens/Dielefsis, Athens.

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