Summer Lovers Artists

Achilleas Aivazoglou
Untitled, oil on canvas

He was born in Thessaloniki in 1948.
He studied in the Academy of Fine Arts in Athens and the Vacalo
School. He graduated with honours on Byzantine Arts.
He has postgraduate studies with a scholarship of the State Scholarship Foundation.
He was appointed as a qualified lecturer at the Technological Education Institute of Athens (Department of restoration of antiques and works of Art). He was professor in the Higher Education School of Applied Arts, TEI Athens. He has presented his art in 33 personal exhibitions and has participated in more than 40 group exhibitions in Greece and abroad. His work is found in the ministry of Culture, the National Bank and other private and public collections.

Summer Lovers Artists


ATHANAS (born Thanos Panagiotou) was born in Athens on 5/5/1985.
In 2009 he graduated from the Athens School of Fine Arts at the 6th Painting Workshop with Professor Triantafyllos Patraskidis and workshops for stage design and engraving, with professors in charge. Giorgos Ziakas and Konstantinos Kazakos, respectively). He attended the following selected courses: Teaching of Art (1 & 2), Philosophy and Art Theory (1 & 2), Psychology of Education, Material and Materials Technology, under the undergraduate studies. EXHIBITIONS | Erotica ART Festival participation with 19 erotic tables, and presentation of innovation (augmented reality in paintings by Athanasas) | Greco Art-Bar Title of Exhibition (UNIVERSE) under the auspices of NGO Sikyon Odi | Bouz Cooperative, "Universe Conjunctions", text editing Thanasis Moutsopoulos (art historian), public relations Marina Gonda. | participation in the group exhibition (I create means .. exist Greek and foreign creators) in the multipolar area of Alko (cool) | Participation in the exhibition << Art-goes to Island Ydra papagalos >> editing by Efi Michalarou | Participation in Art-Athens at the presenter EMEIS33 editing by Kostandina Hassiakou | Participation in Art-Athens at the presenter Emise33, edited by Kostandina Hassiakou | CAMP titled "Anticultura", participation with 1 project. | Bouz Cooperative, "White Card IX - Equities of Paradise"| Bouz Kooperativa, "Relations: Penis and Painted Relationships in Contemporary Visual Arts", edited by Megaklis Rogakos (art historian)| Zappeion Megaron, 11th Panhellenic Architectural Congress| Titanium Yagianos Galery titled "With a drachma in art".

Summer Lovers Artists

Thomas Bertolis
Proud Rooster, Baked clay,55x 45x 20 cm, 2014

Thomas Bertolis was born in Athens on 7 March1973.Lives and works in Rafina.
He deals with sculpture and ceramics since 1993. He studied in the period 1993-1995 at Kostas Tarkasis Open Studio in Mets, and in the period 2007-2014 at the Ceramices Morfes School of  Marilena Mihopoulou in N. Erythrea. He attended seminars in sculpture, ceramics and history of art.
  • 2016 Kalokagatha Little Animals, Gallery 7 Athens.
  • 2013 Retrospective Exhibition Studio,Athina Latinopoulou


  • 2016 Clay Stories, Melanythros Art Space,Athens
  • 2014 << Rooster>>52nd Panhellenic Ceramics Exhibition
  • 2014 <<Rooster>> Cultural Center N. Erythrea. Cultural Centre
  • 2012<< Ciraffes and dinosaururs>>50 th Panhellenic Ceramics Exhibition,
  • 2012 <<Ciraffes and Dinosaururs>> N.Erythrea.
  • 20011 <<People and Elephants>>N.Erythrea.
  • 2010<<Somewhere in the Nille>> 49th Panhellenic Ceramics Exhibition.
  • 2010 <<Somewhere in the Nille>> N.Erythrea.
  • 2009 <<Indian Ceremonial Mask>>48th Panhellenic Ceramics Exhibition
  • 2009 <<Indian Ceremonial Mask>>N.Erythrea.
  • 2008 <<African Masks>>47th Panhellenic Ceramics Exhibition.
  • 2008 <<African Masks >>N.Erythrea. Cultural Centre
  • 2008,African Masks>> Anetopoulos Museum of Ceramics ,Volos.
  • 2007 <<Dinosaururs and People>>N.Erythrea Cultural Centre.
Summer Lovers Artists

Olympia Bouchlariotou
Soul and Eros, mix media on canvas (acrylic, ink and pastel), 50X60cm, 2017

Olympia Bouchlariotou was born in Larisa (central Greece),
but stays permanently in Athens.
She is graduated of the school of Tourist Professions in Athens, information technology, and certified in Education training trainers of business executives.
Also studied digital graphics and color management. After this takes lessons of free hand drawing and painting in workshop of fine arts, having teachers Mr Panagiotis Beldekos and Dimitris Sarasitis.
Today she is a student of school of fine arts in Athens.
Paintings are exhibited in Mykonos Luxury hotels “Kivotos” and “ Archipelagos” galleries.
Participation in exhibition of paintings

  • 2017 Municipality Pinacotheque in Mykonos downtown.
  • 2017 Eos Gallery in Athens
  • 2016 Municipality of Marousi
  • 2016 Municipality of Galatsi
  • 2016 Athens Hilton, the Greek Academy of Fine Arts
  • 2015 Educational Center of Arabic Rebublic of Egypt embassy
  • 2015 Chamber of Industry in Piraeus
  • 2015 Cultural center “Kamini” of Municipality of Galatsi
  • 2015 Municipality of Maroussi
  • 2014 Municipality of Paleon Faliro
  • 2014 Municipality of Nea Filadelphia – Nea Halkidona
  • 2013 Morfes Gallery in Larisa city
Summer Lovers Artists

Eleni Deli

Eleni was born in Athens and studied Painting at the Athens School of Fine Arts. She subsequently studied Etching at the Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti di Milano-Italy, after being awarded with the ERASMUS scholarship. Eleni has been working by exposing her pieces of artwork in the context of both individual and group exhibitions that had taken place in Greece and abroad as well. The most notables are mentioned below. Solo exhibitions: Titanium Yiayianos Art Gallery, Image Gallery, Fine Arts School Graduates' Union, Stavlos Art Hall in Athens. Thematic Group exhibitions: “Athens, Capital for 180 years” at the Cultural Center of Athens Municipality, “Greek Modern Art Exhibition” at Shanghai-China, “Natura 2011” at Evgenidou Foundation, “Art en Capital” at Salon des Artistes Indepentants in Paris-France, “Mesolonghi today through Art” at Ch. & S. Moschandreou Pinakotheke in Mesolonghi, “Art Heineken '95” at Melina Merkouri Center in Athens, “Athens-Visual Arts '93” at the Art Center of Eleftherias Park in Athens, “Liceo Artistico Statale” at Venice-Italy. She has also taken part in group exhibitions at Malagnini Gallery in Sarono-Italy, at Titanium Yiayianos Art Gallery in Athens as well as at the Municipal Pinakotheke of Chania-Crete. She has made illustrations that some of them had been published in “Ios tis Kyriakis (Sunday Virus)” - the “Eleftherotypia” newspaper insert. Eleni lives and works in Athens.

Summer Lovers Artists

Vana Fertaki
Little jackalope,oil and varnish on canvas,50x50cm, courtesy of Alma Gallery

Vana Fertaki was born in Athens where she lives and works.She studied at the Athens School of Fine Arts,under professor T.Patraskides,1996-2002.
She has held the following solo exhibitions:

  • 2017 SetUp Contemporary Art Fair, Bologna
  • 2016 Obsessions and Symbols, Alma Gallery,Athens
  • 2015,Ikastikos Kyklos,Athens, in collaboration with P.Siagreece
  • 2006,To Milo artspace,Athens
  • 2004,To Milo artspace,Athens
  • She has participated in group exhibitions,such as
  • 2017 Jouet,Alma Gallery
  • 2017 In Narrative Tense,Alma Gallery, Athens and Tinos
  • 2017 Art Athina,Alma Gallery
  • 2015 Exombourgo,Tinos,Ikastikos Kyklos
  • 2014 "We 33",Art Athina Platforms project
  • 2014 Art goes to the Islands,Papagalos, Hydra
    Her works can be found in private collections in Greece and abroad
Summer Lovers Artists

Sophia Gaitani
Zoe, installation, acrylics on canvas and wood sculpture

Sophia Gaitani is a graduate of the Vakalo School with studies in painting, graphic design and decoration.
During her 17-year career as a creative art director she gave her signature to top magazine titles, daily and Sunday newspapers, as well as books.
She had her first solo exhibition as
a painter in 2007 and 15 more followed in Athens, Thessaloniki, Mykonos, Tzia, Istanbul and recently in Paris.
She has also participated in many group exhibitions including twice in Art Athina, while this will be her second time in Art Thessaloniki (with her own gallery).
Her paintings, as well as artistic porcelain series, can be found in private collections.
She lives and works in Athens, where she also maintains her art gallery ArtShot-Sophia Gaitani.

Summer Lovers Artists

Stelios Gavalas

Stelios Gavalas was born in Athens, Greece, in 1966. In 1990, he graduated from the Athens School of Fine Arts where he studied sculpture under the guidance of professors G. Nicolaidis and T. Papagiannis.
During the period 1992-1994 he lived in Sydney, Australia, where he experimented with various materials for casting in collaboration with the School of Fine Arts in Sydney.
Since 1995 he lives in Athens exhibiting his works in Greece and abroad.
His works can be found in the National Art Gallery of Athens, at the School of Fine Arts, Athens, as well as in various galleries and private collections in Greece and abroad.


  • 2017 Modern Greek Art Museum, Rhodes
  • 2014 Art Athina, Athens
  • 2013 Ikastikos Kyklos Gallery, Athens
  • 2007 Ikastikos Kyklos Gallery, Athens
  • 2001 Ekfrasi Gallery - Gianna Grammatopoulou, Athens
  • 2000 Folklore Museum, Xanthi
  • 1999 Astrolavos Gallery, Spetses
  • 1996 Ekfrasi Gallery, Athens
  • 1995 Morfes Gallery, Rethymno


  • 2017 Gallery Artion, Geneva
  • 2016 Gallery Artion, Spetses
  • 2016 Gallery Artion, Monaco
  • 2015 Art Korea, Seoul
  • 2013 National Archaeological Museum, Athens
  • 2011 Gaia Gallery, Athens
  • 2011 Art cargo, Athens
  • 2011 Prisma Art Gallery, Athens
  • 2011 “Views” Athens Plaza, Athens
  • 2010 “Boxing Days”, Athens Plaza, Athens
  • 2010 Art cargo “art meets media”, Athens
  • 2010 Kaplanon Gallery, Athens
  • 2009 Cultural Centre “Melina”, Athens
  • 2009 Ihnilato Gallery, Athens


  • 2013 UNESCO award
  • 2001 Sculpture Award, International Biennale of Florence
Summer Lovers Artists

Vaso Giannokopoulou
Purple Dream, spatula and acrylic colours, 100x70cm, 2016

Vasso Giannakopoulou is a greek artist based in Athens. An art lover herself, she discovered painting, from the artist's point of view. Her work is characterised by dazzling colours and mixed textures. Influenced by the tendency of abstract painting, she expresses her feelings using spatula, stucco, modelling paste, oil and acrylic paint.
In 2018, she took part in "the walking dead art" exhibition, organized by fox entertainment group. She awarded the 4th place in the public vote among 50 other well-known artists, painters, sculpors, visual artists, graphic designers etc.

Summer Lovers Artists

Katerina Kassaveti
Forest, ink on paper, 70 x 100cm, 2017

She was born in Volos, Greece. She studied at the Doxiadis School, section of Conservation and Restoration of Works of Art at the Highest Athens School of Fine Arts (1978-83) where she was taught by Dimosthenis Kokkinidis. She has also studied Stage Design near Vassilis Vassiliadis. She has worked as Stage and Costumes Designer on several Theatrical plays and Television productions. She has presented her work at 8 solo exhibitions. She has participated in many Group Exhibitions in Greece and abroad. Her works can be found in private collections in Greece and abroad. She lives and works in Athens.

Summer Lovers Artists

Dimitris Kretsis
Sailing Boat, Acrylics on canvas, 60x80cm, 2016 

Dimitris Kretsis was born in Agrinio in 1972. He studied in Athens, initially, in 1990, in the Graphic Art Department of the Athens Technological Educational Foundation (TEI ). He continued his studies in 1996 at the Athens School of Fine Arts, with Rena Papaspyrou, Panos Haralampous Dimitris Sakellion, Dimitris Mytaras, and Zacharias Arvanitis as his teachers. He graduated With excellent in 2010.
In 2004, he attended courses in drawing, anatomy, and fresco at the Facultad de Bellas Artes – Universitad Complutense de Madrid.
In 2011, he achieved distinction in the competition on ‘Art interventions in the public urban space, with painting on the blind elevations of buildings in Athens’ held by the Athens School of Arts and the Ministry for the Environment, Energy and Climate Change, and played an active part in the realization of the works.
In 2016, he Worked as painting animator for the ‘’Loving Vincent’’ movie. He has held 6 personal exhibitions. Works by Dimitris Kretsis have been shown in group exhibitions in Greece and aboard. Wall-paintings and Works by Dimitris Kretsis can be found in private collections and in mazor hotels in Greece and aboard, in the Greek Parlament , in the Municipal Gallery of Agrinio , in the Gallery of Municipality of Corfu and in the Museum of Nikos Beloyannis.
Summer Lovers Artists

Alexandros Liapis
Hasty Mating, acrylics on canvas, 110x85 cm

Alexandros Liapis was born in Stanoi, Viotia in a family of farmers. After he graduates from school his life fills with Athens, the love for cinema, the music of the Greek New Wave (Neo Kyma) and the neighborhood of Mnisikleous street. Then he continues his studies in Vienna. Excellent in anatomy next to Professor Krause, he also enrolls in the Philosophy department. He knows the painters of fantastic realism movement and loves the work of Egon Schiele, Kokoschka, Gerschl. In May 1974 Elisabeth brings him a box of watercolors and a brush.
This is how the painting of Liapis is born. Dozens of individual and group exhibitions
plus more than 500 projects confirm the words of Dora Iliopoulou Rogan: "Liapis was born painter." He is a member of EETE and SCECKE. He lives and works in three workshops between Oinofyta and Delio.

Summer Lovers Artists

Niki ( Kleoniki ) Maragkou
Untitled, oil on canvas- mixed media, 1.80x2.00 m

School Of Fine Arts Athens, Greece
Born in Constandinopols, Studied in the School of Fine Arts in Athens Greece. Studied Mosaic ceramics and Byzantine iconography in the same school.
She participated in exhibitions in Athens 2017-16 Contemporary Art Fair and the same date Contemporary Art Fair Thessaloniki. 2015 6th Beijing International Art Museum of China. 2017 Scoop Basel International Contemporary Art Show. 2013 Greek Contemporary Art in Shanghais. Personal exhibitions in Constantinople, Molfetta Italy Athens and many other places. Many paintings are found in private collections. Now she has art school..

Summer Lovers Artists

Rena Ozlem Mataraci
Untitled, oil on canvas 50x50 cm

She was born in London,1982. Grew up with her family in Istanbul. Her first exhibition was in 2002 Istanbul after graduating from high school. She continued her education in Architecture and her masters degree in Architectural Restoration in Istanbul Technical University.

After working several years in different companies, she started in the family business in 2008, Rena Construction. Her second exhibition took place in Izmir 2017 and in the same year November she exhibited in Thessaloniki Contemporary Art Fair. In 2018 she moved to London and continues her art work there.

Summer Lovers Artists

Stavroula Michalopoulou
Seabed Scenery, acrylic on canvas, 100x90 cm.

I was born, grew up and I work Athens. I studied in the school of Fine arts of Athens in the 1st lab of painting with the professor Aggelos Antonopoulos.
The water and the sea-bottom include the two elements of great importance in my artistic and researching work as far as the subject is concerned but also the procedure of its productivity.
The water is one of the four elements among the earth, the air, and the fire, and is the basic ingredient of all organisms and is a necessary condition for life.
Full of meanings with various symbolisms, from ancient times until today, the transparency which characterizes it designates to a cleansing mean of purification.
Through the procedure of leaving the art work in the environment of the sea-bottom besides the technical experiments I pursue to take out the truth from everything which is excessive keeping distance away from my subjective representation of foreign and unknown reality and also to deliver the art work to the purification of water, redeeming in this way symbolically the painting surface from the struggle of the artist between the materials and one,s doubts.

Summer Lovers Artists

Lena Morfogeni
Passage 1, watercolour and ink on paper, 36x56 cm, 2017

Born in 1969 in Athens, Greece.
Studied in the School of Fine Arts, Aristoteleion University of Thessaloniki, Greece. Studied the art of iconography and conservation of Byzantine icons under the supervision of iconographer-painter Constantinos Georgopoulos. Attended a series of workshops on mosaic art under the supervision of Dimitris Vafeiadis.
She has constructed sets for theatrical performances at the National Opera of Greece and various theatres. She took part in the maintenance of the pictorial and sculptural decoration of the Athens Observatory and other neoclassical buildings, in collaboration with the painter Constantinos Georgopoulos. She participated in exhibitions in Athens Greece, Beijing China, New York USA, Istanbul Turkey, Belgrade Serbia and many other places. Many paintings are found in private collections.

Summer Lovers Artists

Vicky Moudilou
22 months, 120x90, Oil on canvas, 2017

Vicky Moudilou was born and raised in Athens.
She holds a degree in Accounting & Finance and completed her postgraduate studies in England (MBA in Finance). She has worked as a Financial Analyst at Coca-Cola Hellenic and is currently employed by Nova.
From 2005 to 2010 she attended and completed a five-year painting workshop at the Cultural Center of the Municipality of Ilioupoli, under the training of artists Marianna Katsoulidi and Nicholas Klironomos.
From 2007 until present, she studies alongside artist Marianna Katsoulidi.
She has presented her work in a solo exhibition with subject “Urban Elves” in October 2017 at “Peri-Technon Karteris” art gallery in Athens.
She has participated in 12 group exhibitions including Art Thessaloniki in Nov 2017.
Vicky’s interests also include fashion, as she designs clothing apparel and bags under her brand name "Eating The Goober".

Summer Lovers Artists

Christina Pancess
Colorful Restrictions, acrylic on canvas, 20 x 20cm, 2018

She was born and lives in Athens. She has studied aesthetics and has been occupied with jewelry, fresco and byzantine painting. She has attended printmaking at the University of Western Macedonia and she continues her studies in painting at the Athens School of Fine Arts.

Summer Lovers Artists

Giorgos Pantazis
Palm trees, acrylics on canvas, 50x60, 2017

He was born in Ptolemaida, Greece in 1993. He graduated from School of Fine and Applied Arts, University of Western Macedonia in Florina. He lives and works in Geece. He had three solo art exhibitions. He participated in many collective art exhibitions and projects. He is an active member of the art group “En-Flo”, “Makri Ohima” and “lo……….ve”.

Summer Lovers Artists

Eleni Parmakeli

Eleni Parmakeli was born in Athens where she lives and works. In 1997, she started her studies at the Athens School of Fine Arts , from which she graduated with first-class honours in 2003. She studied Painting at the studios of Prof. T.Patraskidis and Prof. Y.Valavanidis. In addition, she studied Engraving and Mosaic at the School studios. Up to the present, she held three solo exhibitions and has taken part in twenty group exhibitions in Greece and abroad. Works by Eleni Parmakeli are to be found in the collection of Goulandri Museum and in private collections in Greece and abroad.
Critics and art historians who wrote on her oeuvre : Chrisanthos Christou, Yiannis Kolokotronis, Takis Mavrotas , Bia Papadopoulou, Giuliano Serafini, Athena Schina, Dora Iliopoulou Rogan.

Summer Lovers Artists

Katerina Rimpatsiou
Untitle, oil on canvas, 50x65 cm

Katerina Rimpatsiou was born in Litochoro Pierias and she studied in A.S.F.A. (Athens School of Fine Arts) at the workshop of Nikos Kessanlis, from 1986 to 1992. She completed a postgraduate diploma titled “Synaesthesia and Visual Arts – Influence of the synaesthetic phenomenon in creativity” in Graphic Arts and Multimedia Section at the H.O.U. (Hellenic Open University) She is a founding member of the art platform “Events Horizon” and she has participated in 3 solo shows in Greece and many group exhibitions in Greece, France, Italy and Turkey.

Summer Lovers Artists

Panagiotis Siangris
Blue Level -1.00X1.00m 2017

Panagiotis Siangris was born in Pireus in 1996. He graduated from the Athens School of Fine Arts in 1990, with honors. He has presented 10 solo exhibitions in galleries in Athens and Cyprus (Eikastikos Kyklos, Titanium, Yiagianos Gallery, Gallery 3, Gallery Marias Papadopoulou, Gallery Gloria). He has participated in several group exhibitions in Greece, Cyprus, Britain, Italy (Florence Biennale), Egypt (Alexandria Biennale) and Romania. He has also exhibited in ArtAthina (2005, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017) and in the 1st ArtThessaloniki in 2016, while his work can be found in important collections and Museums in Greece, Cyprus and elsewhere abroad.

Summer Lovers Artists

Konstantinos Tolis
Horizon,2017. acrylic on canvas, 100x100 cm

Born in Ioannina in 1966. He lives and works in Athens.He studied at the Fine and Applied Arts Department of University of Thessaloniki with direction in painting. Since 1991 he held 24 solo exhibitions and participated in 3 international contemporary art fairs as well as numerous group ones as well. Last cooperating gallery's: Titanium, Bonikos Gallery, EIKASTIKOS KYKLOS SIANTI, artshot SOPHIA GAITANI in Athens, art Prisma, Pipaeus, Cube Gallery, Patra. Αlso took the painting in eight churches in Attica, Thessaloniki and Arta. He also completed smaller sets in other cities of Greece and in New York.

Summer Lovers Artists

Sofia Tounta
Parasite, iron papier mache- color, 75x37x4 cm

She studied Painting in the Athens School of Fine Arts at the workshop of N.
Kessanlis in 1982-1988, Sculpure in the same school at the workshop of Th.
Papagiannis in 1992-1995, and sculpure at H.D.K of Berlin at the workshoop of D.
While in the Athens School of Fine Arts she also studied mosaic.
Since 1988 she has presented her art work in six personal exhibitionss and numerous
group exhibitionss.
Her art works can be found in private and public collections in Greece and abroad

Summer Lovers Artists

Zanna Artemi
Untitled, 80 x 80 cm, oil on canvas

Zanna Artemi was born in Athens and studied Graphic Arts and Interior Decoration at the Former Doxiadis School (ATES). In 1997 continued her studies at Kostas Routis private atelier for five years. In 2007 she was awarded a special prize at the Hellenic Exhibition for Visual Arts organized by the Parnassos Litterary Society. She taught free hand drawing to adult classes from 2007-2010. Parts of her work belong to Alpha Bank in Greece and private collections.